Dear Herriman Towne Center Homeowners, 

Please be aware of some important information regarding snow removal that may affect you. This year has seen a lot of snow and with that comes a lot of questions regarding snow removal. The main question is regarding who is responsible for the snow removal. Here are three reminders that will help you answer all your snow removal questions: 

1. The first reminder is that homeowners are responsible for removing snow from public sidewalks directly adjacent to their property. This is a CC&R requirement as well as a City requirement even though it is not regularly enforced. Clearing the snow from the sidewalks allows pedestrians such as children walking to school or other individuals in the community to walk through the community safely and without obstructions.

2. The second reminder is that the Master HOA does not clear snow off of public streets, this is the City’s responsibility. If you live on a public street and have concerns about the snow removal, please contact the City. If you live in a neighborhood with private streets, your Neighborhood HOA is responsible for the snow removal on those private roads, so please contact them regarding the snow removal.

3. The third reminder is that parking on the street on a snow day is not allowed. Snow plows need to be able to clear the streets effectively and properly without being obstructed by vehicles parked on the street or other objects like trash cans and trailers (Herriman City Code 6-5-5: Parking Prohibited When). When plows can’t clear the streets properly it makes road conditions significantly worse for everyone. Herriman PD has begun to give citations to vehicles that block snow plows on public roads. Private neighborhoods have a significantly harder time dealing with this issue. Please review the following helpful link to the City’s website for more information about City snow removal:


Logan Watson 
Community Management Specialist
Herriman Towne Center HOA 
(801) 316-3214