Spring is here and now is the time to take steps towards making your yard look great for the rest of the year. It is the duty of each homeowner to maintain their home in a good and attractive condition and excellent state of repair at all times. The part of your home that will likely require the most amount of time and attention is your yard. Each homeowner is responsible for mowing, weeding, irrigating, and otherwise maintaining the landscaping in the front yard of their home, including the park strip. Here are some things to consider that will help you keep your yard in compliance with community standards:

Mow & Edge: It’s important to mow and edge regularly to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful. Cutting your grass too short can kill the grass. Letting your grass get too long is not so attractive and makes it harder to cut later on. Keep a sharp blade on your mower so the blades of grass get a nice clean cut instead of getting ripped apart. If you aren’t home often, are going out of town, or mowing the lawn is just too much too handle, there are many mow-and-go services available that will cut your grass weekly for a small fee.

Water: Your grass needs water to survive, but very commonly folks are watering too much or too little. Watering should be done as needed and not necessarily on a calendar schedule. It’s better to water your lawn less frequently and more deeply as opposed to watering daily for short intervals. This encourages the roots to grow deeper and stronger. Give your lawn a good soak every three to four days. You may need to increase watering in the hottest days of summer. Products are also available to revive grass and soil that’s been affected by heat and sun.

Weed: Weeds are annoying and tough to get rid of, especially in dry windy conditions. There are a number of products available that can treat weeds before they crop up. A little bit of effort before weeds get out of hand can prevent a breakout of weeds that spread and are hard to get rid of. When it comes to weeding, remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Fertilize: Fertilizer is a product that you apply to your grass that contains nutrients to help your grass grow healthy and strong. Fertilizer products are widely available at home improvement stores. Fertilizers have specific application processes and instructions, so if you’re not familiar with how to use fertilizers, go talk to your local home improvement store garden center.

Recommendation: If you’re looking for a really good resource on how to make your lawn look great, we highly recommend the IFA 4-step Plus Lawn Care Program. They offer fertilizer and lawn care products and provide great tips and instructions on how and when to use them. The time to get started is NOW! Check out this link to their website to read about what products and tips they have available.